Music Like Seger

     Vomiting is going to occur.  It’s going to happen.  One day I will be sitting in my car and something from the other side of the air waves is going to literally trigger my gag reflex, and just like that I’ll be padding the pockets of the local car detailing service.  Actually the wonderful people who will be redoing the upholstery on my car seats can thank “artists” such as Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and T. Pain for the business.  I mean…really??? All it takes to make a hit album now is a mac book music mixing system and a phrase that can be easily repeated over and over again?  I mean who said, “Lil’ Wayne, I’ve got a great song for you and all you have to do is say lollipop relentlessly and in a voice that sounds like you just had a tracheotomy procedure performed.” Eureka!

     I don’t mean to hate on my own generation….did I just say “hate on”?  It’s obvious where my mind’s been hanging out…anyway…I don’t mean to just play the part of the cynic, but if Bob Seger were here right now I’d buy him a cold beer and commiserate about the fact that “today’s music ain’t got the same soul”.  I know how he felt.  I YEARN, and actually fantasize about turning on the radio, and like times long-lost, hear a song that is so good I fear having an anxiety attack before I can find out who it’s by.  I remember that feeling; the feeling like Christmas morning, or a really good first date…over a song. There isn’t just a certain genre of music that incites the excitement either…my favorite songs are compilation of 80’s rock (and many forerunners from the 60’s and 70’s rock scene), early millennium Indie rock, some early country, a few oldies, and of course selective 90’s pop for the fun of it.  However, now, music isn’t music.  It just no longer fosters an atmosphere for a spontaneous rhythmic climax.  It’s sad, but true.  However, I must apologize to Maroon 5 and One Republic because I love “Moves like Jagger”, and “Secrets”.  As for the rest of them…sorry….I won’t be lickin’ any lollipops.  I have no interest in a bad romance, and I’m not on the edge of glory.  None of you make me feel like a teenage dream…I still like that old-time rock and roll.  This one’s for you, Bob.  If I could, I’d meet you at some low-lit tavern right now, and give you a quarter to pick one out for me on the jukebox.  I may want moves like jagger, but I want music like Seger.