Welcome to my world!  Growing up, my closest friends always called me “Lo.”  That’s why I playfully refer to my world as the “Lo Life.”  Lo Life refers to living my best, creative life, where the arts come first.  I am an author first and foremost…but also a columnist, screenwriter, and content creator. I even dabble in the acting world when life starts feeling a little mundane.  I both practice and promote the arts.  I believe in producing wonderful things and helping others in this realm build the platforms that help them to do the same!

I was born in Asheville, NC, which is the artistic Mecca of The South.  I now live in one of the most aesthetically pleasing places in the USA, Charleston, SC. I feel inspired everyday by the history, hanging moss, and undeniable heat here in The LowCountry.

I was first published in 2017 by Pen Name Publishing, when my novel Tobacco Sun was picked up.  I was also published in a few literary anthologies, and online forums that year.  In 2019 I was awarded my own column in Skirt Magazine, and landed my first professional acting roles.  I started my own creative marketing company prior to all of this in 2015, and still take on select clients, where I specialize in branding, image, blogging, social media, video/on-air scripting, and more.  I also coach other authors, actors, artisans, and aspiring influencers when I am not working on my own projects!

Finally, I launched The Yellow Bird Press, a boutique publishing company in 2020.  My goal with this venture is to find amazing stories that already have wings, then help them to fly.  Visit http://www.theyellowbirdpress.com andcheck it out!

If you’re a creative “Lo Lifer” like I am, I encourage you to follow along the journey.  Check out the media here on the site, follow me on social media, and find out what I’m all about!  Follow just for fun and ideas, or learn how to hire me to help you build your fabulous world!